Top Diners in NYC for All Day Eats (even late night…)

You’re here because it’s probably 3am and you’re hungry. Like really hungry. And you need some direction. But not direction from our heavenly father above but like where to go to stuff your face (or not leave your couch and let the heroes in those bright orange vests bring it to your door)… So here’s my short but delectable list of top 24/7 diners (+noteworthy eats) in NYC:

Park Plaza – Cadman Plaza, BK

Park Plaza has been in my life for a strong 8 years now and our relationship is only getting stronger. As a student in Downtown Brooklyn, Park Plaza saw the best (and the worst) of me. Their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Wrap, and Tenders are AMAZING. They have the crispiest fries and their blue cheese dressing is out of this world. Honestly – everything on this menu is good and it would get 6 stars from me on Yelp if I could give that many.

Gracie’s on Second – 2nd Ave, UES

When I say this place delivers lightning fast – this place delivers faster than the speed of light. Whether it’s a late night craving of breakfast for dinner (like chocolate chip pancakes) or a delicious cup of Matzoh Ball soup – Gracie’s is ya place. They also have a pretty top notch Chicken Caesar Wrap – just FYI.

Scotty’s Diner – Lex, Midtown

Oh Scotty, how I love thee. Their Cheeseburger Deluxe’s with a Chocolate Milk Shake. It’s what I get everytime and it always tastes the same – fresh and DELICIOUS. They also have this incredible Apple Vanilla French Toast and it’s honestly the closest thing to heaven when ordered at 3am after a night out (or in).

Cafeteria – 17h and 7th Ave, Chelsea

Open 24/7, Cafeteria offers some of the best in late night and all day fare. Dare I say the best thing on their menu are their mac and cheese spring rolls. Holy moly I still have dreams about these bad boys. Their chicken and waffles are also prime and my mom still can’t stop talking about the meatloaf she got from here like 4 years ago… It’s good. You should visit. They also mentioned it on Gossip Girl, if that matters. Go now.