Where to Eat Along the Second Avenue Subway

Where you should stop for some grub in the Upper East Side along the new Second Avenue Subway..

IT’S HERE. FINNNNAAAALLLY. The Second Avenue Subway has finally opened after a long 100 years. Now that it’s here, here’s where you should eat – sorted by each stop (in the UES).

96 Street

Drunken Munkey

Drunken Munkey was one of the first places I ate at when I moved to NYC. Me and mis amigas went and got the PAANCH of the week and then I realized why this place has the word ‘drunk’ in it’s name. But let me assure you, their food is GOOD – drunk and sober. The ambiance is warm and cozy and the staff members are SO NICE.


What I Get: Chicken Tikka Masala, All of the Naan Bread



This Japanese spot is fairly new to the UES and THEY DON’T SERVE SUSHI (just wanted to make that clear). Their fried oysters are so good you’ll want to come back again, and again, and again. Oh and the menu is in all Japanese, so don’t be surprised. The Pork Cutlet is verrrrrrrrry juicy and SO affordable which I guess makes it taste even better (not sure how though since it’s already so delicious). Also, if you’ve been searching all around the city for some Ume ochazuke – you’re in luck. They have it and it’s good.


What I Get: Pork Cutlet, Fried Oysters, and Sapporo (duh)


86 Street




THIS IS MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Well, at least at the current moment. To give you some background, I used to despise Indian food. Literally, hated it. Couldn’t smell it without wanting to gag. This place has changed my whole outlook and existence. I beg my S.O. to take me here on the reg. It’s not expensive, but it’s not cheap either. The quality is fantastic – EVEN WHEN DELIVERED VIA SEAMLESS/GRUBHUB. I can go on for days but I’ll stop now. Just go.


What I Get: Chicken Korma, Garlic Naan, Extra Raita (it’s this amazing yogurt sauce and goes excellent with the Korma – I promise).


Nancy’s Pig Heaven


Alright, my girl Nancy has mastered the art of cookin’ the pig. Each pork dish is amazing – and she’s known for the spare ribs. I’m not a rib gal but these are fantastic. This is actually located one avenue over, on 3rd, but it’s worth the walk. I literally just walked over in the snow about 4 days ago because I was craving some really good Chinese food – and not the stuff that makes you hate your entire life 2 hours after eating.

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What I get: Pork Spare Ribs, Pork Fried Rice, and Orange Chicken (because it kind of tastes like Panda Express and makes me reminisce about my high school days and going to the mall food court for lunch)


Little Frog Bistro & Bar


This place is new so hopefully I am the first one blogging about it because that’s never happened before and I want to cross it off my list.  The ambiance is KILLER and reminds me of a bistro you’d eat at in the heart of Paris. The Steak au Poivre is amazing as well as their Coq Au Vin. They also have this MASSIVE ice cream sundae that you can ‘split’ with 2-5 others. I say split in quotes because I can easily take down the whole thing but for normal people, it’s definitely shareable. And, it comes with a sparkler which always makes things better.


What I get: Steak au Poivre or Croque Madame (depends on my mood) + the massive Ice Cream Sundae


72 Street




Ok two things – First, this is closer to 86th, I think, but I’m pretty sure it’s halfway which is why i’m putting it under 72nd. Second, I’m from California, which means I am basically a huge snob when it comes to Mexican food. I grew up eating so many shredded beef and carne asada tacos I basically consider myself to be one big taco. Anyways – I was skeptical (very skeptical) when this joint opened because they claimed to be what I had been missing so very much – authentic Mexican Food. After my first bite, I knew this place was legit. The flavors, the spice, the crunch. Everything about this place is AWESOME. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu. Their nachos had cheese ON EVERY CHIP. EVERY. CHIP. This is huge. Also, their rolled quesadillas were on another level. 

What I get: Chicken Nachos, Carne Fries, Rolled Cheese Quesadilla


Up Thai

Feed your soul, calm your senses. This is their motto and they sure do live by it. The atmosphere is amazing and the food is incredible. The dining area is covered in floating-like lanterns which makes you feel like you’re in Thailand. This is the perfect spot to grab drinks after a long day or to celebrate a special occasion. Don’t forget about their extremely affordable lunch special as well! I love the Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice and I almost ALWAYS order the Kee Mao Noodles with Beef.  Their Pad Thai is also so delectable, it’s usualy hard to decide on one entree.


What I get: Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice and Kee Mao Noodles with Beef


Oita Sushi


Where food meets art is their motto and it couldn’t be more true. The sushi is almost too pretty to eat. This place is small – I recommend ordering take out! The quality is UNREAL. There are flavors on the rolls I can’t even describe. The fish is always very fresh and perfectly cut. The lunch special is very affordable and you get A LOT of food. They also have a great catering option which is perfect for watching a sporting event at home or for having people over! Definitely check them out and don’t forget to get the Mommy Rose roll!


What I get: Mommy Rose Roll (Tuna, salmon, cucumber, egg), Kale Quinoa Roll (kale, almond, baked beet, roasted carrot, crab, avocado, with quinoa mixed rice) and the Green Dragon Roll (shrimp tempura wrapped in avocado)