Prince Street Pizza

For one of the best slices in New York City, head to Prince Street Pizza in SoHo. See why we love their spicy pepperoni slice.

Pizza is to New York City as Lobster is to Maine. There are pizza joints on almost every block – ones that serve them for $1.00 and ones that serve them for $5.00. Now, this isn’t going to be a list of my favorites (that will be a future blog) but rather an ode to one of my favorites. Prince Street Pizza. PSP for short, it’s nestled in a tiny (read: TINY) shop on Prince Street in SoHo. There’s usually a line out the door but that’s usually only because they’re bringing out fresh slices and slicing before taking new orders. The line goes fast so be patient my friends. Walking in the tiny shop, the walls are adorned with photos of celebs who have visited, a menu, and a sign that reads: no ranch, no ketchup, no blue cheese, etc – YOU DON’T NEED IT. In terms of seating, there is none. You can choose to stand along the walls (not recommended because it’s usually packed), or you can find a bench along the street. Hint: If you make a left out of the shop and another left (on to Elizabeth Street) you’ll find a bunch of tree benches and red benches along the street out in front of cafes. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be right at the front of the line when they’re bringing out a new pie. Which is what happened to me, today, and inspired me to write this.




Anyways, they have a bunch of pizzas but the real gem is the Spicy Spring Pepperoni square. This is the slice you’ve seen before not only on our account but on almost every foodie IG in NYC. It is hands down – one of the best slices I have EVER had in my life. It is greasy, so I recommend napkins. Either to blot (if that’s your thing) or to wipe off the grease from your hands and mouth.



Once finding a place to sit (see above for tips) – dig in! This slice requires two hands. The pepperoni cups are crispy and so flavorful they’re like little cups of pure joy. The slices are perfectly crispy on the outside and the most chewy and fluffy on the inside. I hope you go to PSP ASAP. Let us know your thoughts!



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*All photos taken by @twobetchesonefork.