Top Brunch Spots – New York City

From fried mac and cheese balls to $0.98 cocktails - find out our top places to eat and drink for your favorite weekend activity

Brunch oh, brunch. The magical eating experience. We’ve eaten at a lot of brunch spots since beginning our food journey and these are a list of our favorite places to get top-notch food and cocktails…

The Smith

The classic and quintessential brunch spot of NYC. They have really good food. Like, really good. Just order the Mac and Cheese and any of their eggs benedicts. You won’t be disappointed. If you want to ball out and are a fan of Blue Cheese – get their Hot Potato Chips with Blue Cheese fondue. It’s unreal. Apologies if you’re lactose intolerant.

TIP: Make sure you go to a location that offers a free cocktail with your entree so you save $30. These include the Midtown and East Village locations.

Union Fare

With its ‘industrial-chic’ setting and massive food options – Union Fare is the place to be for all things brunch. It spans a full city block. I mean…?! *insert heart eye emoji here* We got the pancakes (which were topped with cotton candy which melted with the piping hot syrup) and the smashes for the table. We got: avocado, strawberry banana, and the burrata. I still have dreams about these smashes – they were unbelievable. They also have unreal pastries and ICING-FILLED CROISSANTS.

Queens Comfort

It’s cash only and it’s WORTH IT. The portions are ginormous and the choices are vast. Get your hands on the fried mac and cheese or fried french toast balls. They never disappoint. Also, get Donut Diva’s donut of the day. They’re delicious. I mean she is the diva of donuts – I envy her. I’ve also gotten the Cap’n Crunch Crusted Chicken Sandwich and it was unbelievable. Did I mention its BYOB? *RUNS TO QUEENS COMFORT*

Hotel Chantelle

I really don’t want to write about this spot because I don’t want you to go and steal up all the (already hard to get) reservations. Often we have to book a month or two in advance to get in! Why? Well, to start they have $0.98 COCKTAILS! I mean it doesn’t get much better than that, especially in such an expensive city like NYC. Actually, $0.98 cocktails would be cheap basically anywhere on Earth….. Anyhow, let’s dive into the arguably more important topic – the food! They have the crispiest and tastiest tater tots in the universe, oh, and they’re covered in truffle oil. Let’s be real – we love those truffles. The Frosted Flake encrusted french toast is pretty bomb too. Please don’t go though, I don’t want to have to start making reservations a year in advance.