Lena’s Italian Kitchen – Cozy, Fast Casual Italian

From Cheesy Garlic Bread to Linguine Con Vongole - Lena's Italian Kitchen should definitely be on your 'where should I eat next' list...

Everyone longs to have a home cooked meal that isn’t actually home cooked. Are you tired of frozen tomato sauce from mom or (god forbid) using the $1.29 canned tomato sauce from Trader Joes and adding Italian Seasoning like your the next Barefoot Contessa? Those days are over my friends and I’m about to tell you why.

Nestled in a small storefront in the Kips Bay neighborhood of NYC is Lena’s Italian Kitchen – the authentic Italian food you’ve been searching for. Brought to you by the same owners as Gino’s of Long Beach (that buffalo chicken pizza you’ve seen all over instagram) – Lena’s delivers a variety of pasta, chicken parmigiana, meatballs and probably the best garlic cheesy bread you’ll ever have – cooked to perfection EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

When you enter Lena’s you’re greeted with a smile by the staff and you suddenly don’t feel like you’re in New York City anymore. They are legitimately the most friendly staff members – and I’ve visited many a places. The decor transports you to a rustic Italian kitchen – it’s extremely homey and comforting.

We had a chance to try multiple appetizers and entrees and to be honest, everything was incredible. We didn’t try a taste we didn’t like. From the Calamari Arrabbiata to the Linguine Con Vongole – everything was freshly prepared to order and delicious.

We started with the Calamari and the Cheesy Garlic Bread and holy taste buds – we were in heaven.

Then came the meatballs – and oh me oh my, these were fantastic. Usually meatballs can be hit or miss, either they’re too dry or they break apart too easily. These meatballs not only held their shape but they were so damn moist (lol moist). We even had them the following day and not only did they keep their form after a quick heat up in the microwave but I swear it was like my Italian grandmother was reincarnated and sent me home with leftovers.

Next we had the cheesy Rigatoni Fiorentina – which you’ve definitely seen on not only our instagram but several other repost accounts. It was more delicious than the pic, if you can believe it. The chicken was perfectly cooked and there was SO much cheese even the lactose intolerant can’t help themselves.

In all, Lena’s is a must visit when you are in the Kips Bay area. Whether it’s a quick Seamless delivery because you just don’t feel like cooking or it’s your turn to host the monthly dinner party – make it easier on yourself and just order a pot of ‘Sunday Sauce’ from Lena’s. They’ll make it, you’ll serve it and it’ll be your little secret – we won’t tell anyone.