Our Top 5 Favorite Acai & Pitaya Bowls in NYC

Pitaya, Acai and berries, oh my. Get the inside scoop on New York City's best smoothie bowls and cool down from the summer heat.

Alas, winter has come and gone and it’s finally starting to warm up. YAY WARMTH. Anyhow, I’m going to give a little background first before jumping into the list because well, it’s important, and 9/10 of you have probably already scrolled anyways but I want to rant so LET. ME. RANT.

My love for Acai bowls started when I was 9 years old. We went on a trip to Maui and at the time the only thing my diet consisted of was chocolate milk, fruit by the foot, and McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Our hotel was one of those with the free breakfast buffets – you feel me? I, as always, went H A M. Our buffett consisted of the usuals but they had a make your own acai bowl section…. Wait… what? What is that? Of course, my little 9 year old self was drawn to the bright purple smoothie-like liquid being poured into the bowl so I went over and ordered my first acai bowl. It was unreal. I can still remember the crunchy granola meeting the sweet, yet tangy, acai base. The fresh bananas, strawberries and pineapple all coming together to form this perfect harmonious taste in my mouth. It was love at first taste…

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Living in NYC, Acai bowls are a bit hard to find – especially since it’s cold basically half the year and even though I can enjoy them year round, most people I guess don’t but that’s their loss. Here’s a list of the top Acai bowl spots in NYC to get your taste buds a tinglin’ –

Juice Generation

JG has 16 locations (soon to be 18) in the NYC area, even one on Long Island! Serving up fresh juices, smoothies, and acai bowls, JG has been one of my favorites for a while. Jackpot and PB Acai are my two go-to’s. The jackpot bowl has jackfruit which – for all you vegans out there and non-vegans as well – means PROTEIN! The Peanut Butter Acai bowl is packed with cacao nibs, hemp granola and peanut butter! It’s delicious and the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

Happy Bowls

Started by pro surfers – Tyler & Quincy Davis in Montauk, NY, Happy Bowls has opened their first NYC location in Astor Place. Our favorite bowl is ‘The Montauk’ which can be enjoyed with either an acai or pitaya base, or if you’re like us, a scoop of both! Topped with perfectly ripe mangos, a banana, coconut flakes and granola – this bowl will not only fill you up with the proper nutrients to get you going all day long, but with joy! They also have locations in Puerto Rico – if you’re ever vacationing there and find yourself craving an acai bowl!


Juic-o-logy is located right near Penn Station which is the most convenient spot to grab an Acai bowl prior to boarding your train out of the city or just as you’re coming off. We are obsessed with the Purple Minion bowl – not only because of it’s super adorable name but also bc it has peanut butter on top. They definitely don’t skimp on the granola here so if you’re a granola lover this is your spot, and if it’s not your thing ask ‘em to go easy on the crunchy tidbits. They also serve a variety of other healthy foods here including a bomb breakfast quinoa bowl with eggwhites!

Loco Coco

Not only does Loco Coco have one of our favorite food instas but they also have one of our favorite pitaya bowls! Enter the Dragon Fruit is one of our favorites because they blend fresh lemon and basil into the base and it’s super subtle but noticeable and absolutely refreshing. Did we mention it’s all 100% vegan? They also have nut-free granola if that’s something you’re looking for. It’s located right off the Lexington Av-63rd St F/Q subway station – AKA convenient AF.

John’s Juice

Located at Gansevoort Market & Smorgasburg, this (soon to be) NYC staple serves acai bowls INSIDE OF FRUIT. They don’t use any plastic which is something we can 100% get behind. They’ve saved over 50,000 cups and 80,000 plastic straws by placing their acai bowls & juices in fruits! We love their acai smoothie bowl in a pineapple – it’s topped with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, coconut & granola and it’s so damn instagrammable. Hoping they open a brick & mortar location soon and also hoping it will be right downstairs from our apartment…. *fingers crossed*