Weekend Getaway – Foxwoods Resort Casino

A look into our weekend getaway. Gambling, Fine Dining, Shopping, Bowling, Fine Dining, Ziplining, did I already mention Fine Dining?

When you hear the word ‘casino’, your mind probably goes directly to thinking about Las Vegas. But did you know that you tri-stater’s are way closer to roulette, blackjack, and poker tables than you think?

Foxwoods Resort Casino is less than 150 miles outside of New York City and is the ULTIMATE weekend getaway. They have pool parties. They have a zip line. They have an outlet mall. Yes, an ENTIRE OUTLET MALL INSIDE THE RESORT. They have gambling. They have a bowling alley. And the best part – they have incredible dining options.

We were lucky enough to stay at the Fox Tower during our last visit and we can’t express how much of a great time we had. I even lost $250 at the Roulette tables and I’m still writing this – that’s how impressive this resort property is.


Alta Strada

We arrived around 11:30 am and immediately went to our first stop: Alta Strada. Lucky for us, it was immediately around the corner from the passenger elevators so we didn’t have to walk far. Upon entering, we suddenly found ourselves immersed in a world of luxury. Dark accented walls, beautiful and modern lighting fixtures – we felt like we were in the Tuscan hills. You would have never guessed that there was a casino immediately outside the restaurant by looking at the gorgeous interior. Now let’s get to what you came here for – the food. Oh my lord. I couldn’t rave about Alta Strada more. The service was impeccable. The drinks were perfectly crafted and the pasta – made in house, just the way it should be.

We started off with the Bruschetta del Giorno and the Fried Calamari. The bruschetta was the chef’s selection of perfectly ripe and juicy heirloom tomatoes with ricotta and a balsamic reduction. It was fabulous. The bread is baked in house as well and came out perfectly crispy on the outside with airy, fluffy inside – the ultimate foundation for the bruschetta. The calamari was fresh and breaded to perfection. Served with a spicy marinara, the calamari is the perfect antipasti.

For our main course we elected to split the Tagliatelle Bolognese and a Margarita pizza. The perfect combination if you ask us. The Tagliatelle came out piping hot and perfectly al dente. I couldn’t believe the freshness of the pasta – I actually felt like I was eating in my Italian grandmother’s kitchen. To be fair, the Bolognese could have had a bit more meat (just my opinion), but it was perfectly seasoned and complemented the tagliatelle wonderfully.

The margarita pizza was fantastic. It was crunchy yet flavorful – the sauce and cheese tasted very fresh. I even caught myself saying that this was one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever devoured but of course the snobby New Yorker in me was like “STOP THINKING THAT”….

Our next visit we already vowed to try the sausage and cherry peppers pizza that we saw being brought to the table next to us. We tried to sneak a picture but alas, the attempt was unsuccessful.

Thanks again Alta Strada for having us, we had a delightful time and we can’t wait to visit again on our next trip to Foxwoods.

Cake by Franck

After lunch, we ventured through the unbelievable Tanger Outlets (literally still can’t get over that you can waltz right into an outlet mall without leaving the resort) to the other side of Foxwoods Resort to pick up a sweet treat (or 2) from Cake by Franck. Located in the concourse of the Grand Cedar Hotel on the Foxwoods property, Cake by Franck has some outrageously fun and intricate desserts. PLEASE OPEN A LOCATION IN NYC!!! We chose the Hazelnut Chocolate donut and the Strawberry Shortcake SPHERE. You have to see these to believe it – the strawberry shortcake is literally served in a plastic orb.

The Hazelnut Chocolate donut made our top 5 best donuts we’ve ever eaten. The layers of the donut were flaky yet moist and everything a donut should be. We loved how the outside was lightly dusted in sugar and the frosting on top was rich and thick with hazelnuts & chocolate  – nothing better than this combo.

The Strawberry Shortcake needs to win an award for most inventive. If we had an award for this it’d win hands down. Amazing layers of moist pound cake, fresh strawberries and whipped cream this was one of our favorite desserts of all time.

Cake by Franck also has a variety of delicious bonbons, pastries and cakes and they DELIVER. Air by Franck ships your favorite desserts, custom cakes and even wedding cakes – directly to your home! You can call them directly to place your order – so happy I can order these desserts when I crave them.

After devouring these tasty desserts, we headed straight to the casino to bet on some numbers at the roulette table. Nothing is more fun than losing money! Haha, just kidding. We actually got lucky a couple of times and the free drinks don’t suck.

We made an early reservation at High Rollers for dinner and we had NO idea what we were about to experience…..

High Rollers

WOW. Literally the only thing I could fathom to say when we checked in and I caught a glimpse of the experience I was about to have. Upon walking into High Rollers, you feel like you’ve teleported into the fanciest hotel lobby – except for one thing…… you’re at a bowling alley. This was by far the most exquisite bowling alley I had ever seen – the balls were polished and in shades of black and gold, the floor was immaculate and gleaming, they had gorgeous chandeliers, and the food was reminiscent of your hometown bowling alley but like so much better. High Rollers is everything you love about bowling and everything you love about going out to eat all in one.

We ordered the luxury lanes combo – a sampler of their appetizers. Included were mozzarella sticks, philly cheesesteak spring rolls, buffalo chicken rangoons, tater tots, fries and onion frizzles. Holy moly – this was INSANE. It was like all of our childhood memories wrapped up in one sampler.

First off – these Philly cheesesteak spring rolls were incredible. Who can resist steak, cheese, onions all in one neat, juicy package? We certainly couldn’t. Next to the Philly spring rolls are the tater tots. Now, these aren’t your average tots. These are big balls of fried potato-y goodness. And they’re sitting in a pool of truffle aioli, I mean, come on.

Side note, can we just admire these chandeliers…….. I need these for my future house.

MOZZ STICKS. Fried cheese – is there anything better? Didn’t think so.These were served piping hot with shaved parmesan on top – see it peeking out behind our cheese fountain? The other half of our mozz stick wanted to bathe in the creamy and tangy basil marinara – we couldn’t blame it. The basil marinara was insanely good – better than my own marinara I make at home… and it’s at a bowling alley. I can’t get over it. Next came the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, because……. well, we can’t turn down a BCP! Topped with house made hot sauce, juicy spicy chicken, blue cheese and a celery salad – you really can’t beat it. The crust was crispy and the homemade hot sauce was perfectly cooled down with the crisp celery salad.

It was delicious. Definitely don’t forget to wipe your hands though with like 20 napkins because it’s pretty greasy and grease + bowling ball could definitely result in a dropped bowling ball on your foot.

Sugar Factory

After a long day of bowling, gambling, eating, gambling, eating, & gambling again, we ended the night at Sugar Factory. Was a huge fan of this location for two reasons – it’s proximity to the casino floor & the service. The manager was one of the friendliest manager’s we’ve ever met – she did everything she could to take care of us, admittedly a bit too much. So much food – we were STUFFED. But it was incredible….. Ready to see what we got? (Warning: Lighting was extremely terrible bc it was so dark so these photos are not even close to what we’d consider good but I think the food speaks for itself)

First, we were brought out the rainbow sliders paired with a peanut butter martini. Holy cow – (pun intended) these sliders were AMAZING! They were pretty plain but when plain is done right, we can’t say anything negative about it! The peanut butter cup martini was out of this world. It was like heaven in a glass – the rim was coated in peanut butter and chocolate was drizzled throughout. It was simply decadent. 

Next, we were brought the holy grail of burgers – the ‘Big Cheesy.’ And how appropriately named…. This burger was so rich and cheesy our minds were blown. Grass Fed Angus Beef topped with Creamy Mac & Cheese, Smoked Applewood Bacon and served with BBQ Sauce on a Toasted Brioche Bun – like can you get any better than that?

While we were devouring our burger, we also decided to order some chicken and waffles because – why not? I was up $100 from the roulette table and thought I could treat myself. The chicken and waffles consisted of perfectly crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken and served over two classic golden brown waffles. It’s served with a White Cheddar-Maple Mornay Sauce – this is a classic brunch dish done right. Don’t you even think for a second that we didn’t order a goblet. You can’t come to the Sugar Factory and not order a goblet. It’s like going to Disneyland and not getting a Churro or like not riding Splash Mountain. You just gotta do it. Helloooooo Lollipop Passion. This is Sugar Factory’s signature goblet and is comparable to sitting on a beach chair in the middle of the Caribbean.  A mix of melon, coconut and pineapple creates a unique flavor you just can’t resist. It doesn’t help that it has two massive lollipops and a CANDY NECKLACE. You better believe I wore (& ate) that for the rest of the night.

Really want to thank Foxwoods Resort Casino for having us – we had an amazing time. It’s crazy to think that we are such a short drive away from the ultimate resort. Be sure to check them out on Instagram @foxwoods as well as online at www.foxwoods.com. You can find a full list of their 35 restaurants here: https://www.foxwoods.com/restaurants/ With classics like Fuddrucker’s and California Pizza Kitchen to trendy spots like Alta Strada & David Burke Prime – you’ll never go hungry.We had such a blast at Foxwoods Resort Casino and know you will too. Let us know if you need any recommendations on your future stay. We highly suggest heading there this summer for Liquid Sundays – AKA the ONLY Vegas-style pool party on the east coast. Be there or be square.