Kellogg’s Wild Berry Fruit Loops

The first innovation in 10 years. Wild Berry Fruit Loops is the new kid in the cereal aisle. Fruity, flavorful & fun - a cereal lover's must try.

Hold your spoon. Kellogg’s has released a new flavor & innovation of Fruit Loops for the first time in 10 years. Within 7 seconds of opening the box, the sweet, flavorful smell drifted into our nose. It was magical – no exaggeration.

The iconic blue, green and red loops are easy to spot, with the newest addition – the purple stars – sticking out in our minds. This cereal is one of the most flavorful we’ve ever had – the wild berry notes are present in every bite. Strong notes of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry with a hint of melon exist with each crunch.

Colorful, flavorful and fun, the new Wild Berry Fruit Loops should be on every cereal lover’s must try list.