Museum of Ice Cream – Pint Shop

The Museum of Ice Cream’s newest immersive ‘grocery’ experience has opened in New York City and it should definitely be on the top of your ‘must-see’ list. Seven new ice cream pints - *dives into sprinkles*

We were lucky enough to visit the Pint Shop before it opened to the public, today, and we may or may not have some sneak previews to show you. The Pint Shop is located at 459 W. 14th Street, right near the Highline and Chelsea Market. If you visited the Museum of Ice Cream last fall, it’s in the same spot. The space itself is bright and inviting with colors flooding the walls that look as delicious as their pints. There are larger than life pints for you to take the perfect selfie in front of and…. in back of! 

Each aisle in this ‘grocery experience’ is dedicated to one of their new flavors of ice cream (which we’ll get to below).

Have I mentioned that the Pint Shop is free? Expect a line but just know you’ll be rewarded with FREE samples of the delicious pint flavors for waiting. They’re also offering exclusive, “sensory experience” tastings in their  “interactive classroom for your taste buds.” These half-hour sessions will open your tastebuds to the different elements of their new ice cream flavors. The courses are only $28 (that’s less than a $1 a min!) and reservations are open at Note the Pint Shop is closed on Tuesday’s – it’s open from 12 – 9pm Wednesday through Monday.

We got to grab all of the new pints and we can’t wait to share them with you. Check out the incredible pints below:


Vanilla ice cream with iced animal cookies, frosted cupcake bites, fizzy cotton candies and rainbow sprinkles. Can you say party in your mouth?


Vanilla ice cream with wafer cookies


Chocolate ice cream with milk chocolate flakes


Cinnamon ice cream with churro pieces


Vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Inspired by their iconic sprinkle pool that made it on to (almost) everyone’s ‘gram last summer.


Maraschino cherry ice cream with sugar cookie bites


Banana ice cream with salted caramel and almond butter swirls. Um – yum.

As we were in the checkout line, we of course got distracted by the CHOCOLATE BARS…. this is definitely a real grocery store now but guess what – I didn’t have to hide it in my mom’s cart. We picked up every flavor – same flavors as the pints!

We absolutely loved the Pint Shop and know you will too. Have any questions? Email us!